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How to Prepare for a Bain Case Interview

Bain & Company work in all sectors but are largely known for their involvement with luxury goods and private equity consulting. Scoring an interview with Bain is an achievement in and of itself, so it’s imperative that you come prepared. Prepmatter advises aspiring business consultants on how to prepare for the Bain Case interview so they can optimize their chances of securing a job offer.   Bain is looking for...

How To Write a Strong Case Interview Framework

One of the most significant traits of a good management consultant is being structured. The ability to lay out a solid framework is the very first sign that you have a structured, top-down approach to solving a business problem.  A...

How to list accomplishments on your resume

In this article, we’ll get into more detail and provide actionable guidance on how to write your resume accomplishments. First, what do we mean by “accomplishments”? Your resume is a one-page (usually) curation of your accomplishments that best demonstrates you...

How to Write a Winning Cover Letter: 10 things you need to know

1. Be concise. You want your letter to be inviting to read, and nobody wants to read a dense page of text. We recommend that your letter include no more than 400 words. We know it is tempting to list...

An overview of consulting roles and responsibilities

When a consulting firm is hired, they agree to provide a specific team to execute the work. A team typically includes a Partner and/or Principal (which spend only a portion of their time on a given project), Project Leader, and...

Need help finding strong action verbs for our resume?

A few tips: Use the “find” function for commonly used words (e.g., developed, estimated) to make sure that you are not over-using any words Try not to use the same verb more than 3 times (not a hard rule, but...

A day in the life of a management consultant

When we joined management consulting firms, we were very curious about what a “typical” day or even week at work might look like. The answer really is “it depends” (on the firm, the office, the project, the specific day on...

How to Prepare for a McKinsey Case Interview

If you want to know what stress is, show up for a McKinsey Case interview unprepared. Anyone who has gone through the process will tell you that McKinsey interviews are in a league of their own. You need to have...