McKinsey Problem Solving Game (Solve)

Welcome to our market-leading interactive McKinsey Solve Game Simulation. You'll have the chance to experience the assessment firsthand with our proprietary software. Our simulation includes three games from the assessment: Ecosystem Creation, Redrock Study, and Plant Defense.

Watch our video to learn key tips to excel in the game, and understand what you'll encounter in our simulation. We've also created a demo version of the game, allowing you a few minutes to experience it yourself before making a purchase.

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Practice McKinsey Solve with Interactive Simulation!
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Explore Our Interactive Demo Today

We invite you to dive into the first few minutes of the Ecosystem Creation: Coral Reef game through our free demo provided below. Experience the tutorial, browse the guidebook, select four monitors, and hover over the ecosystem to pick your starting location.

As you purchase the full game, you can browse the entire set of species and start building your ecosystem. Alternatively, you'll also get access to the other ecosystem creation game, Ecosystem Creation: Mountain Ridge, as well as Redrock Study and Plant Defense games.


Video Guide: Tips and Game Walkthrough

Dive into the McKinsey Solve (Problem Solving Game) with our detailed guide, featuring exclusive in-game footage from Prepmatter's interactive simulation. Our video offers a comprehensive look into the game's structure, covering the Ecosystem Creation (including both Mountain Ridge and Coral Reef scenarios), the Redrock Study, and the Plant Defense game. 

For the Ecosystem Creation game, we break down the general layout and share key eating rules and strategic tips on selecting the optimal location to establish a sustainable ecosystem, supplemented with practical examples. This segment is designed to equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate through the complexities of ecosystem management.

The Redrock Study, a newer addition to the Solve game, receives an in-depth analysis across its Study and Cases sections. We dissect the Investigation, Analysis, and Report phases, providing in-game visuals to demystify the game's setup. Our guide includes best practices for gathering relevant data points, performing accurate calculations, and effectively summarizing findings in both written and graphical forms. Additionally, we delve into the Cases section, where you'll encounter 6 mini-cases, offering insights into what to expect and how to approach each scenario.

Although the Plant Defense game has been largely replaced by the Redrock Study, we haven't overlooked it. Our guide presents the game setup, detailing essential strategies for terrain transformation and the deployment of animals to defend the native plant. Through strategic advice, we aim to help you extend the plant's defense for as long as possible.

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