Work 1-on-1 with a Prepmatter coach to close the gaps between where you are now and an offer from your targeted firm. Our coaches are former BCG consultants, and have helped 400+ management consulting candidates land offers at McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and other top firms with an 80% success rate. We break down and simplify the process and coach you through the nuances of the case and fit interviews, so that you can feel confidently prepared.
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Founder of Prepmatter
1120 meetings
6 years of management consulting experience across London, Dubai, and Istanbul. 3 years of full-time case coaching experience with +350 trainees.
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Product Manager of Prepmatter
203 meetings
5 years of consulting experience with 10 international projects. Coached 50+ candidates with 80% success rate.
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Personalized Coaching

Prepmatter coaches understand exactly what it takes to ace the interview stage and get an offer. While our courses provide comprehensive guidance, our coaching is completely tailored to you. Each session lasts 75 minutes, so that you have enough time to ask any questions you may have to your coach, before diving into the case or fit interview prep.

In each coaching session, we can take you through one of the most common case types, including: market sizing, market entry, investment, M&A, product launch, growth strategy, competitive response strategy, profitability, pricing, operations, and public/social impact.

Alternatively, if you want to get comfortable with fit interview questions, then we will tailor coaching sessions right for your priorities. Your coach will support you outside the scheduled sessions, as well. Our candidates benefit from offline support, in case you have any questions that cannot wait until your next session.

If you need, Prepmatter can also connect you with other candidates preparing for their interviews, so that you can practice with someone who is at a similar level, and who can provide consistent feedback.


Individual Session
1 x 75 minutes
Most suitable option for candidates who require a health check of current performance and are unsure how much coaching support is needed.
$229 / Session = $229
Focus on a specific case type (e.g., estimation, market entry, profitability) or the fit interview, and receive detailed feedback. Based on your improvement areas, work with your coach to devise a structured preparation program to maximise your chances of getting the offer.
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5 Sessions
5 x 75 minutes
Most popular option amongst candidates who only have a few weeks left until their management consulting interviews and require a targeted approach.
$219 / Session = $1,095
Create a bespoke mixture of case types (e.g., estimation, market entry, profitability) and fit interview preparation to prioritize the areas that you feel need attention.
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10 Sessions
10 x 75 minutes
Most popular option amongst successful Prepmatter candidates who secured an offer from MBB or other management consulting firms.
$209 / Session = $2,090
Work with your coach to go through all case types (e.g., estimation, market entry, profitability) and fit interview questions. Prepmatter trainees find the coaching sessions highly valuable. 90% of those who book a 10-session package also book follow-up sessions to hone their skills up until their interviews.
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Prepmatter coaches’ availability is always up-to-date. Simply visit the profile of your coach to see the available slots, and book a time that is convenient for you. You can book, amend or cancel your bookings with no charge until 12 hours prior to your meeting