How to list accomplishments on your resume


In this article, we’ll get into more detail and provide actionable guidance on how to write your resume accomplishments. First, what do we mean by “accomplishments”? Your resume is a one-page (usually) curation of your accomplishments that best demonstrates you are the person for the job. Basically, they are everything below the header in your resume, though the guidance here is primarily focused on writing the bullets under your Work Experience and Additional Experience sections. These bullets will be the meat of your resume.


Often, resume first drafts are a set of completed activities or tasks, rather than a set of accomplishments. Because of that, we recommend going into writing and editing your resume with the mindset that you are writing accomplishments. We highly recommend beginning every bullet with an action verb (in the past tense), followed by the outcome of that action. We also highly recommend quantifying the action and, especially, the outcome whenever possible. 


Let’s dive into some examples of how to list accomplishments on your resume


Example #1:


Example #2:


Example #3:


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