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Comment by Murat
Doga helped me receive multiple offers from top consulting firms, including McKinsey and Oliver Wyman. The cases he used were surprisingly similar to the actual cases I solved in the actual interviews. He used cases he wrote himself based on his project experience. This particularly helped me prepare for the interviewer-led cases. His case library was quite extensive and his interview tips were highly actionable.
Comment by Orkun
Doga was extremely helpful during my case interview process. I had prior experience with case interviews, but I needed practice. In just a couple of sessions, Doga helped me to get back up to speed with his very clear and targeted guidance. Eventually, I managed to secure an offer from BCG. Thank you Doga!
Comment by Yvonne
Doga was one of the best interviewers I ever had for my mock case interviews. He challenged me to think outside of the box, and tailored the interview specifically to my weakness in order to help me learn from the practice. I gained so much knowledge from Doga and would not be able to get my MBB offer without his wholehearted support.
Comment by Deniz
Doga was very helpful in my process of preparation. He was able to assess my readiness level and pinpoint the areas I needed to improve myself. He pushed me towards those areas while performing case interviews and gave critical feedback. I would highly recommend him not only to beginners but for people who have some idea of what case studying is but are feeling lost.