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Comment by Leen
Deniz was very informative, professional, clear, and helpful. He helped me understand the entire preparation process, the different kinds of case studies, and how to approach/solve different cases correctly. I highly recommend him if you want to do well in the interview.
Comment by Yousef
This is a true story - Deniz really improved my performance up to an MBB level and I managed to secure an offer at the firm I wanted. What is special about Deniz as a coach:- 1- He personalizes your preparation package according to your needs and the specifics of the firm you are applying for (no size fits all) 2- He has developed his own frameworks and thinking methodologies which he shares with you along the road 3- Advanced case performance feedback that you can't get with your normal practice peers since he was an ex-consultant with BCG 4- He is a nice guy with flexible hours, so he used to accommodate based on my convenience I would highly recommend Deniz as a coach. Thanks man!
Comment by Diego
I highly recommend Deniz as an interviewer and coach! He gave me detailed and extremely helpful feedback. He also stayed on past an hour to ensure I understood all of his feedback. I could tell that he has a lot of experience coaching people through this process. He also gave me a preparation plan that I could use going forward.
Comment by Alice
The session with Deniz was very helpful. He helped me identify my room for improvement in a very detailed way and gave me very practical suggestions on how to improve.
Comment by Sultan
It was a great session. Deniz has provided me with great tips and advice on approaching cases, which I know will help me a lot.
Comment by Kris
Deniz provides very valuable feedback and has helped me a lot to improve substantially within a short period. Moreover, he is very generous with his time and always well-prepared. 5 stars without a doubt!
Comment by Hung
Deniz is a conscientious and scrupulous case coach. I would definitely recommend him, for three following reasons 1. a pre-talk to understand the needs: Deniz spent 30 mins having a chat with me, asking about my situation, targets, needs, and giving his suggestions on how to prepare for each step. It's quite vital to have someone leading in the very beginning, at least for me. 2. tailor the content, not only giving a textbook: Deniz did a really good time control during the session. By testing the ability in several fields, he had a more holistic understanding of where I was. Then he advised on how to prepare, which I found useful. 3. session beyond the session: Deniz is positive to help, not only with the case but beyond the case. He went beyond the case questions and shared some of his past experience within the industry. In summary, doing a session with Deniz makes me feel comfortable with my preparation. He's quite reliable and helpful!
Comment by Daniel
He knows his cases really well! He gave me actionable feedback at the end as well. I would highly recommend him.
Comment by Katharina
I had my first coaching session with Deniz a couple of days ago, and I really profited a lot from it. I had my doubts about taking coaching sessions at all since they can become quite costly. Deniz’s price point is reasonable compared to other coaches on other platforms, and he is worth every Cent! The case he gave me was complex and challenging, but a very good one. Deniz improved my overall structure and gave me excellent feedback. I definitely recommend him, and I am looking forward to our next session!