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Comment by Ronan
Get the Offer
I enjoyed the Get the Offer course, and the quality of the videos and courses is at an extremely high standard. The Prepmatter team is producing excellent quality documents.Every piece of material was helpful for my preparation and went even beyond my expectations.I've reached out to the team a couple of times, and they were pretty responsive, showing that they care deeply about our success in preparing for consulting interviews, creating a "Prepmatter" spirit and working together to improve or implement suggestions from their trainees.
Comment by Rameez
Get the Offer
Prepmatter has done a fantastic job with the 'Get the Offer' product!The Course provides a thorough and entertaining walkthrough of the entire consulting interview process. The content is rich in the breadth it takes and depth it dives into when explaining theory, providing examples and engaging the user.In addition to the expected consulting Framework methodology, the content provides key insights into market sizing approaches, behavioural / fit interview question and answers and overall guidance on Finance Topics and Note Taking approaches for those completely new to consulting / finance.Highly recommend the 'Get the Offer' product to anyone who is looking to prepare for MBB consulting interviews.
Comment by Hellen
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I have used Prepmatter twice, when I first changed from the industry to a consulting firm, and later when I changed consulting houses. It has been extremely helpful in learning how to organize a problem, build a hypothesis and drill down to the most relevant information. Thanks to Prepmatter, I received great offers both times. All of my case interviews were successful and I highly recommend Prepmatter for both entering into the consulting world and general problem-solving.
Comment by Ali
Get the Offer
Prepmatter provided me with the most curated consulting preparation content with a wide array of consulting cases & market sizing drills, which helped me land several offers, thank you!
Comment by Kate
Get the Offer
The course content is very well structured. After finishing all the videos, and reviewing most of the Prepmatter cases, I am now much more comfortable with practicing cases with my peers. Most of all, I enjoyed the exhibit drills, which helped me improve my weakest area. After going through them, reading and interpreting exhibits became one of my strongest points.
Comment by Randi
Get the Offer
The preparation stage was initially quite overwhelming, but thanks to the Get the Offer course, I was able to bring some structure to my preparation. Prepmatter’s program provided me with a fresh perspective on how to solve case studies.
Comment by Omer
Get the Offer
Over the years, case prep resources limited candidates to a few frameworks and structures. Based on my interviews, I understand that the interviewers are looking for creativity and imagination. I found Prepmatter’s approach quite unique to cracking cases, which allowed me to look at the interview process from a different angle and stand out among other candidates.
Comment by Simone
Get the Offer
I can highly recommend the course to prepare for any consulting interview. The courses are high quality and well structured, the ideal prep source!
Comment by Jinghan
Get the Offer
Get the Offer course is highly effective. It gave me a quick boost on my case performance, especially on how to build a more structural framework, synthesize information, and ask the right questions to move the case forward.