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Comment by Javid
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Great resource to prepare for your upcoming interview. Both beginners and experienced candidates can benefit by forming a strong foundation or shaping an established approach. Do not forget to practice what you have learned!
Comment by Sajjad
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Very comprehensive course with videos, written cases, and drills that you can practice. This is the place for you to learn everything about case interviews and enhance your skills.
Comment by Amer
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The course has been extremely helpful. The way the frameworks are presented and the level of detail for each of those make them easy to understand. The course helped a lot in my casing and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their casing techniques and skills.
Comment by Aadit
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Came into this process not knowing the first thing about consulting, but this course has helped so much. Highly recommend!
Comment by ZZ
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This course will give you a thorough understanding of tackling your interview cases. The course prepares you holistically for case interviews in every aspect. Personally, the frameworks that are provided in this course are the best that I have seen, which helped me structure my thoughts better and generally have a better approach when starting the case. I highly recommend this to anyone preparing for their interviews.
Comment by ADITYA
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I recently took the "Get The Offer" course and was thoroughly impressed. The framework section, in particular, was exceptional. It provided a systematic approach to handling different interview scenarios, with clear steps and adaptable frameworks. The course was well-structured, comprehensive, and supported by high-quality materials. I highly recommend this course, especially for the valuable framework section.
Comment by Divya
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The course gives a holistic and detailed overview of all the critical aspects to consider when preparing for consulting interviews. I was specifically struggling with understanding how to approach and structure my interview preparation, and the course provided me with guidance throughout the entire process. Prepmatter proved to be an incredible resource that supported me in receiving my dream offer.
Comment by Leen
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The course provides all the resources you need in order to understand case interviews and ace them.
Comment by Ronan
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I enjoyed the Get the Offer course, and the quality of the videos and courses is at an extremely high standard. The Prepmatter team is producing excellent quality documents.Every piece of material was helpful for my preparation and went even beyond my expectations.I've reached out to the team a couple of times, and they were pretty responsive, showing that they care deeply about our success in preparing for consulting interviews, creating a "Prepmatter" spirit and working together to improve or implement suggestions from their trainees.