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Comment by Alexander
4 Online Assessments
The package provides a thorough overview of what the tests are about and what the best strategy is to train for the tests. In the guide for the McKinsey game, I would like to add that your mouse clicks and movement are being tracked and assessed as well. This gives McKinsey extra insight into if you are getting to the final result in a structured manner, which means that your performance is evaluated on the final result and the process. Therefore, for optimal performance, I would recommend being careful before executing your plan, and spend some time planning out your approach either in your head or on paper. This is especially necessary for the Ecosystem game: here, you can create an issue tree on paper of different options (starting from the plants) and then systematically work out which option works best.
Comment by Lorenzo
4 Online Assessments
I signed up for the Online Assessments package after securing an invite to McKinsey's problem-solving game. The guide that Prepmatter has put together was incredibly detailed and valuable in helping me smash it out of the park!
Comment by Jacqueline
3 Online Assessments
A few days prior to the McKinsey test, I had no clue what I was getting myself into, and the idea of online assessments made me nervous, as it was very different from traditional practice. I came across Prepmatter’s guide a few days beforehand, and the explanations paired with the graphics they have laid out made the process so simple. Entering the Imbellus test, I knew exactly what to expect, and it honestly made taking the test fun!
Comment by Umut
3 Online Assessments
I was excited but unsure of how to properly prepare when I got the invite to McKinsey’s assessment game. Fortunately, I found the Prepmatter Online Assessment guides - the preparation guides walk through exactly what to expect! And my coaching sessions with my coach helped me get extra clear on the structure of the game and how to approach it. Thank you, Prepmatter!
Comment by Ekin
3 Online Assessments
McKinsey Imbellus game is a time-sensitive game, so it is important to know what to expect. Especially if you never played resource allocation style video games, you may find the assessment a little unusual. Prepmatter’s guide was excellent, and it helped me better understand what the game is about and how to maximize my chances.
Comment by Petros
3 Online Assessments
Prepmatter’s Imbellus preparation helped me understand what to expect and how to better prepare for the McKinsey Imbellus test. It is one of the few training materials that exist out there that covers this test in such a level of detail.
Comment by Hellen
3 Online Assessments
Information on Pymetrics was very useful as there is nothing available on the market otherwise. It helped me prepare for the test and know what to expect! The test followed the same exercises as mentioned in the training program.
Comment by Scout
3 Online Assessments
I found the Pymetrics tips and tricks helpful, so I knew what to look out for instead of just going in blind without any form of practice or information.
Comment by Jean
3 Online Assessments
I came across Prepmatter’s test while I was looking for materials to help me prepare for numerical assessments with a few consulting firms. Each test has quite interesting case studies, and it was quite fun solving them. I found the detailed solutions helpful to understand my mistakes and possible shortcuts where applicable. Having solved each test a couple of times through Prepmatter, I certainly felt more confident in taking my assessments.