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Comment by Divya
BCG Chatbot
The BCG Chatbot Practice Cases genuinely supported me in completing BCG's Online Case Assessment very successfully. The course came very close to the actual assessment in terms of case situations as well as the type of questions. A great preparation tool that I can recommend very much!
Comment by Ronan
BCG Chatbot
The cases picked for the Chatbot course are well thought out and feel like a real-life assessment. I quite enjoyed the interactive nature of each case study (there are 5 in total), as the direction of the cases varies based on my answers. Thanks team, I already feel more confident with my upcoming Chatbot case with BCG!
Comment by Petros
BCG Chatbot
Prepmatter’s materials helped me prepare and know what to anticipate from the BCG chatbot exercise. By going through the materials, I passed the chatbot test on the first try, and my journey ended by finally receiving a BCG offer, so thank you Prepmatter for giving me this opportunity!
Comment by Kate
BCG Chatbot
The content helped me succeed at my second attempt to pass the online case with Casey. It gives you the guidelines on how to structure your preparation and what resources are available to do so.
Comment by Jacqueline
BCG Chatbot
From my experience, going into online assessments like BCG’s Chatbot test can be very stressful. As someone who has strong communication skills, my favorite part of case assessments is talking through the problems and working with someone. Regardless of this, the Prepmatter team’s experience with the BCG way of thinking helps you prepare perfectly for whatever format or question BCG throws your way. The guide helped expose me to the format of the Casey Chatbot assessment and think through the types of questions Casey would ask. All of these materials were incredibly instrumental and helped me to make it through the BCG second round!