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Comment by Muthis
Prepmatter has helped me secure multiple offers during my MBA. Materials were perfectly structured in a way that helped me first learn the essentials and then to build expertise on different types of problems. The best thing about Prepmatter and the Prepmatter coaches is that they understand there is not one size that fits all. They help you build your own style and live up to the definition of "coaching". My time with Prepmatter not only helped me with my consulting interviews but also helped me secure offers from start-ups and corporate roles as well. I will be glad for the efforts of the Prepmatter team for truly teaching me how to solve a problem and to communicate my solution with a concrete structure.
Comment by Sam
Prepmatter is the main reason I work at McKinsey. They gave me personalized sessions to identify my case interview weaknesses and built a customized plan for me to improve. Throughout the process, Prepmatter gave me amazing guidelines for behavioral interviews, networking, and cover letters. It was a complete service that made me better prepared than other students recruiting. I cannot thank them enough and would highly recommend using Prepmatter.
Comment by Petros
I just received an offer from BCG after training with Prepmatter materials for two months. I found the structured training really useful, especially the ten different case/framework types which can then be tailored to any case you encounter in your real interviews. I had been training with different materials a couple of years ago and had not been successful. So thank you Prepmatter for making this dream happen!
Comment by Pranav
Case prep in itself is a structuring exercise, and I was very satisfied with Prepmatter's approach. I worked with a fantastic and patient coach as he broke down my entire case prep and created a path for me that I could follow while unleashing my skills! During our sessions, as I kept getting better, my coach kept pushing me to reach the top 1%. Further, he shared tons of Prepmatter resources with me, which really helped me master skills from market sizing to structuring to abstract cases. The results were fantastic, as I got an offer from Bain!
Comment by Brian
Prepmatter helped me immensely with my preparation; to the point that my final interviews felt relatively easy. Their approach is detail-focused and understands what are the key areas to hone in on to perform well during the interview. The coaching experience felt customized and tailored to my development; none of the cookie-cutter experiences I got with other case prep providers. Ultimately I managed to get offers from McKinsey, Oliver Wyman, and even from Google.
Comment by Farida
Prepmatter helped me a lot during my preparation for BCG. Get the Offer course has a diverse set of case types which made me familiar with how different industries work. I also had a set of case sessions with my coach, who taught me how to approach cases and supported me throughout the process. He was always there when I had questions or needed advice.
Comment by Ece
Prepmatter’s holistic approach for case interview preparation and its extensive library of materials were essential in helping me land my offer at McKinsey. Throughout my preparation, my coach and I worked on strengthening my mastery of topics ranging from case interview fundamentals to behavioral interviews. Rather than having me memorize a predetermined set of frameworks with no creativity, my coach helped me develop a problem-solving methodology, preparing me to tackle any case that might come my way. I am so grateful to the team and would highly recommend Prepmatter to all who are preparing for interviews!
Comment by Andrew
My coach took an individual approach and improved my specific case performance. While the prepared materials and cases were great, what helped me most was the specific feedback that was tailored to how I learned. I could tell that my input on coaching and learning was valued and that it directly affected future coaching sessions. This, in turn, led to me dramatically improving my casing performance to a point where I could understand how to approach many different case types and styles.
Comment by Deniz
I used Prepmatter to prepare for my interviews with McKinsey Digital. Both videos and cases cover a wide range of topics, including digital, industry 4.0 and technology. Not only do the materials give you good guidelines on how to tackle specific cases, but they also teach you essential communication and presentation skills to be successful at the interviews.