Prepmatter has everything you need to secure the interview and get the offer.

We have helped 400+ management consulting candidates to land offers at McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and other top firms with an 80% success rate. From cover letter to case interview, we would love to help you get there too!

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Everything You Need to Know

We provide comprehensive guidance in our courses, application reviews, and coaching services. We equip you with everything you need to secure the interview, ace the assessments, and get the offer.


Optimize Your Effort

Navigating the application and interview process can be overwhelming. Prepmatter streamlines and simplifies the preparation process, so that you can optimize your effort through our templates, step-by-step videos, and personalized coaching.


80% of Prepmatter Candidates Get an Offer

Our approach has helped 400+ candidates succeed in the application and interview process. 80% of candidates who work with us get offers at top management consulting firms - we would love to help you get there too.

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Secure the Interview

Securing the interview is the toughest hurdle to clear, and we are here to help. Learn how to craft a compelling resume and cover letter that secures you a spot on the interview list. We provide clear guidance and downloadable templates for preparing your application and networking with firms. Prepmatter takes you through the entire application process, equipping you with all the tools you need to succeed.

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Online Assessments

Online assessments are an ever-evolving way for firms to evaluate applicants. Our guides take you through the objectives, structure, and specific tactics to pass the main assessments used today. We currently cover: the McKinsey Problem Solving Game, BCG and Bain Pymetrics Test, BCG Online Case Assessment (Chatbot), and BCG Potential Test.

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Get the Offer

Through this course, you will master everything you need to ace the case and fit portions of the interview. We cover evaluation criteria, frameworks, market sizing, Finance 101, and common fit interview questions. Beyond the core 6-hour course, we also share 10+ hours of live case and fit interviews, along with 40+ cases, exhibit drills, and financial statements.

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Application Review

Have a Prepmatter coach give your cover letter and resume a thorough review so that you can submit with confidence. They will provide detailed notes with specific feedback to strengthen your materials, as well as be available for a chat to clarify any feedback.

Expert Application Review


Work 1-on-1 with a Prepmatter coach to get the customized guidance you need to ace your interviews. You can use your coaching sessions for case practice, fit interview preparation, or both. Our coaches are here to help you enter your interviews with confidence.

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