Bain and BCG Pymetrics Test

The Pymetrics test is rapidly becoming a global recruitment tool for creating more balance in the character traits of organizations. The test is rolled out in many offices of BCG, Bain, and Accenture, as well as in other industries aside from management consulting.

The online assessment is constructed using behavioral science and neuroscience by the talent matching platform Pymetrics, and its aim is to discover candidates' social, emotional, and cognitive tendencies for predictability and malleability.

The consensus view is that the Pymetrics Test is not being used to disqualify candidates, but rather, it is used to gather objective data that identifies candidates who share similar traits with successful consultants.

The Game

The game takes 25 minutes to complete, as it consists of 12 mini-games, each lasting 1-3 minutes and measuring a specific trait:

Money Exchange 1: Fairness


Keypresses: Effort

Balloons: Risk tolerance

Money Exchange 2: Generosity

Digits: Focus

Easy or Hard: Decision making

Stop 1: Attention

Cards: Decision making

Arrows: Attention

Lengths: Learning

Towers: Decision making

Faces: Emotion


Candidates have 25 minutes to complete 12 games. While management consulting companies say you cannot prepare, and that there are no wrong answers, we know that there are favorable outcomes. 

What is included?

To help you prepare, in collaboration with many test-takers, we have constructed a sneak peek of what the test looks like, what recruiters are looking for, and a range of tips, so that you can demonstrate the target set of characteristics. 

You can access the BCG and Bain Pymetrics Test guide as part of the Prepmatter Online Assessment Package, which includes comprehensive guides for all 4 of the McKinsey, BCG, and Bain assessment models. It is the only assessment package that involves all assessment types, so you will have everything you need.

A 40-page guide detailing how the McKinsey Problem Solving Game works, complete with in-game visuals, and how you can crack the assessment with confidence.
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A 24-page guide on the BCG Online Case Assessment (Chatbot) showing how the assessment works with a sample case study walkthrough, and how you can ace it.

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A 35-page guide on the Bain and BCG Pymetrics Tests, including how the assessment works, with in-game visuals, details of all 12 questions asked, and tips on how best to prepare.

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4 x 23 question BCG Potential Tests, complete with answer books that have been carefully crafted by former BCG consultants.

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